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Teasdale Angus was founded in 2006 as Ledan Acres, home to the family of Dr. Dan and Leanne Teasdale. Dan is a veterinarian with a large and small animal practice in the East Dubuque, IL area. We were blessed with 3 great kids, Jonas, Will, and Natalie. They have been raised with an appreciation for agriculture, animals, and the cycle of life. Both Dan and I grew up inspired by influential agricultural leaders. Howard Voegeli, one of the founders of World Dairy Expo, and Eldon and Marie Arensdorff, successful entrepreneurs in the world of the family farm. It was their passion that helped build a foundation for our love of cattle that transcended into a strong passion for breeding elite black angus genetics and raising world class quality beef.

We take great pride in our herd and our breeding methods, understanding the science of the genotype mapped within the EPD's and the beauty in phenotype that must be perfectly matched to create elite seed stock. We also believe in introducing a variety of different elite cow families into our herd to ensure our customers and partners are not only 100% satisfied, but can depend on us to support their future cattle management needs.

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Wisconsin Angus Breeders Futurity Sale

Heifer Pregnancies Sell
at the Wisconsin Angus Breeders Futurity Sale

April 21, 2018
Black River Falls, WI

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Our Elite Pregnancies and Embryos For Sale

Rita 4214 Reg. 17845408 x Baldridge Colonel C251 Reg. 18493773 - Pregnancies

Rita 4214 Reg. 17845408 x Byergo Black Magic 3348 Reg. 17803074 - Pregnancies

Discovery A-6417 18763957 x Baldridge Colonel C251 Reg. 18493773 - Pregnancies & Embryos

Discovery A-6417 18763957 x Byergo Black Magic 3348 Reg. 17803074 - Pregnancies

Blackstone Rita 4214 • 17845408
Baldridge Colonel C251 • 18493773
Byergo Black Magic 3348 • 17803074

Strong Performance and Balanced Trait Cows and Heifers For Sale

DRF Miss Peacemaker Reg. 16650287, AI'd to VAR Foreman due 8/15/2018

Ledan's American Gold 1601 Reg. 18577448, AI'd to KN Capacitor due 10/19/2018

Ledan's Natalie 1601 Reg. 18577446

Ogeechee Simplified 6123 Reg. 18742515

DRF Miss Peacemaker • 16650287

Our Bulls For Sale

Coming Soon! Teasdale Eldon T204 Reg. 18960849

Coming Soon! Teasdale Howard VB Reg. 18960773

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